International Curriculum by Howard Gardner

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Our preschool will be using the Howard Gardner Theme based curriculum that will focus on the holistic development through activities facilitating cognitive, emotional, social and physical development.

If, one month the curriculum theme is farm animals, the next month it is community helpers and other occupations, or things that fly.

The use of thematic units provides an integrated approach to teaching and learning. Such an integrated approach is supported by research on how the brain works and how human beings learn, which suggests that the use of thematic units helps young children achieve higher levels of learning.

The Howard Gardner approach provides hands on experience to children along with field trips, special days, culminating activities and learning through exploration. Each curriculum theme will offer a wonderful spectrum of lesson plans, activities and worksheets for the teacher to implement in the class.

There are 3 primary steps followed while teaching:

Identifying a Theme

The first step in teaching an integrated unit is to identify a theme and related subtopic.

Creating Specific Activities

The second step involves brainstorming ideas for specific activities within the theme in an innovative manner with the help of teaching aids, audio visuals, real experiences, field trips and projects for the children to hold their interest in order for them to grasp the various concepts thoroughly.

Implementing the Theme

Finally, to implement the unit in the form of art, music, science experiments, free play, cooking, poetry and language.