International Curriculum by Howard Gardner

LEED registered

First in NCR Night Care program

First in NCR Adhoc Program

Banyan tree - Gurukul style library

Child safe - World class infrastructure

200 seater Auditorium

Interactive learning method

Enrichment club for all age group

A little more than home environment

Team passionate about children


At Rayz International Preschool is a well conceptualized , innovative and a spacious preschool where your child will experience the joy of learning, the companionship of friends and the benefits of a loving and caring environment. We strive to help each child grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

The first six years of a child are an important part of his or her life where their values, their behavior is shaped, nurtured and developed.At Rayz they will play with water , paint messy pictures , shake to the music , read touch and feel books. It is never too early to give them all the positive influences they need to achieve their potential

Rayz International Preschool is driven towards providing meaningful and effective child centric education by its core philosophy of Think, Learn and Create or TLC as we like to call it.


A child's curiosity is creatively guided to set their mind ticking allowing them to explore the big wide world around them.


The exploration when associated with appropriate audio – visual stimuli and action–reaction exercises allows them to satisfy their inquisitiveness and reach their individual “ah” moments. These moments in turn become valuable lessons.


The child applies the knowledge to emerge with new ideas which when implemented helps build their self esteem. It also provides insight on their skills, talents and interests thus building their personality