International Curriculum by Howard Gardner

LEED registered

First in NCR Night Care program

First in NCR Adhoc Program

Banyan tree - Gurukul style library

Child safe - World class infrastructure

200 seater Auditorium

Interactive learning method

Enrichment club for all age group

A little more than home environment

Team passionate about children


Primarily our goal is to maintain an environment that makes every child and parent feel special. In that process, we celebrate the uniqueness of each child, thereby developing the child’s self confidence and self-esteem. Our Tumblers emerge happier, healthier and better prepared to grow into young adults.

  • To provide quality early childhood service which is responsive to the needs of children.
  • To provide interesting and appropriate learning experiences which help integrate the child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.
  • To provide necessary practical information, support and assistance to parents on early childhood development.
  • To ensure that every child develops a confidence in his or her abilities, a willingness to experience new and challenging activities and a love for learning.